My husband, Jeremy and I own a small farm in Grant
Park, IL.  We started out in the world of minature silky
goats and Tennessee fainting goats in 2010. Originally the
plan was to get some goats to eat away some of the
pasture, but we have found that they are friendly and
beautiful animals. What started as 2 does, has grown
drastically.  We have started to breed, expecting kids in
January. It's exciting and nerve recking! We are aiming for
good bloodlines with long thick coats and a variety of
colors. All the goats are registered with MSFGA and/or
MGR. With the help of many supportive, experienced  
"goat people" we are on our way to start this adventure.

Our newest adventure is showing our wonderful goats. We
will be teaming up with Westwind Acres and putting on the
Midwest Mini Silky Show. Check out the tab on our
website and come on out Sept 22 & 23 2018 to Newton
County Fairgrounds and show off your wonderful Silky
Goats too.
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2014 & 2015
MSFGA Wether of the Year
We are CL, CAE, & Johnes negative in
Triple A